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eat seasonal vegetables Principles of simple eating to help you stay healthy
When it comes to choosing fruits and vegetables Many people tend to choose to eat only their favorite fruits and vegetables or eat them on a regular basis. causing many people to miss the opportunity to try Seasonal fruits and vegetables that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to find at different times. This article will introduce everyone to know how. Eat seasonal vegetables, simple techniques that will help you stay healthy and strong.

What do seasonal vegetables mean?
Seasonal vegetables refer to vegetables that are grown and harvested at the appropriate time for each vegetable crop. for all vegetables They all have the right time. in the growth Whether it is a factor of temperature, rainfall and soil conditions. for example In the hot and sunny summer May not be suitable for growing cold-loving crops such as cabbage, carrots, or Chinese cabbage. meanwhile Summer vegetables such as corn, chili or basil are also not suitable for winter planting.

Although today's technology This will allow us to choose to eat these fruits and vegetables all year round. regardless of the season and the environment But vegetables that are not grown in season There may be risks in terms of using fertilizers and chemicals. to get rid of pests and to accelerate growth to be able to harvest as needed If we eat these vegetables In addition, seasonally grown vegetables tend to be less expensive. Because it does not require a lot of chemicals in the cultivation itself.

Is it good to eat seasonal vegetables?
Seasonal vegetables are vegetables that are grown and harvested in that season, so they are fresher. They are tastier, cheaper, and have more nutrients and nutritional value than non-seasonal vegetables. Because we can buy seasonal vegetables and fruits directly from the farm. Or buy it from the local fresh market. without the need to go through middlemen and industrial plants No need to go through long distance transportation This makes it possible to maintain the nutritional value of seasonal vegetables and fruits to the fullest. It also reduces production costs. This makes these vegetables cheaper as well.

In addition, off-season vegetables that we can buy from various supermarkets. They usually have to be harvested before they are fully ripe. in order to be able to transport long distances and not rot before Harvesting before this right time In addition to reducing the nutritional value It also makes the taste delicious inferior. Not equivalent to fresh seasonal vegetables harvested at the right time as well.

Examples of seasonal vegetables that should be eaten
Summer (March – May)
Summer is a stuffy time. sunny The wind that blows is usually a hot wind. and low humidity in the air The vegetables that should be planted this season are those that can withstand the heat. and can tolerate drought do not need a lot of water and can withstand the intense heat of the scorching sunlight such as

- pumpkin
- Brinjal
- Straw Mushroom
- cucumber
- Onion
- gourd
- Kale
- basil
- Winged Beans
- tomato
- Long beans

Rainy season (June - October)
This season will have high humidity and a lot of rain. But it will be cloudy and there is little sunlight. Choose vegetables that can accept the amount of water well. and does not require too much sunlight, for example

- ginger
- galangal
- spinach
- Sesbania flower
- sheath
- gourd
- Centella Asiatica
- crocus flower
- bamboo shoots
- lemon
- Chinese morning glory
- Sai Bua
- chives
- eggplant

Winter (November – February)
This season is a relatively cool season. There may be fog in the morning. high humidity but has a relatively low temperature Should choose vegetables that are resistant to cold or like cold weather, such as

- Chinese cabbage
- lettuce
- Puey Leng
- coriander
- cabbage
- green peas
- carrot
- sweet pepper
- Taling Pling
- flowers
- Neem

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