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Corporate University
doctor of business administration programs
The program aims to qualify managers in business organizations, banks, institutions and financial markets, and workers in companies, establishments, and state agencies in all sectors, to acquire knowledge and skills in modern scientific management so that they can rise to occupy their various levels of responsibilities in these institutions, with an emphasis on professional, practical and applied aspects.
Corporate University
The current study sought to identify the contribution of the application of university companies (University of Companies) in achieving benefits for government universities and productive institutions in Switzerland. In order to activate the partnership between government universities and productive institutions, requirements and obstacles to the application of university partnership between public universities and production institutions were also identified. Proposals were reached to use the University of Companies to activate the partnership between (governmental universities and productive institutions).
An educational material that aims to introduce the basics of Business Education in an integrated manner through several consecutive topics that begin by defining the nature and nature of business and the various surrounding circumstances affecting the work environment.
Creative Thinking is looking at something in a different and new way, which is known as out-of-box thinking, as it includes lateral thinking or the ability to perceive patterns that are not clear in something, and creative people have the ability to devise new ways to solve problems and face challenges.
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an academic undergraduate degree offered by universities and business schools around the world, providing you with a solid and solid foundation in business, and through which you gain indisputable critical, analytical and strategic skills. You can obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree online, Or traveling abroad and enrolling in a university, on a full or part-time basis, according to the hours approved in that study.

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