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Lighttools v9.1 VPI v9.8
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What are the main advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

1. Increased Flexibility
Because Autonomous Mobile Robots rely largely on onboard sensors and cameras for operation, and not magnetic tape or wires as with AGVs and AGCs--Autonomous Mobile Robots exemplify the flexibility, agility and automation. Autonomous Mobile Robots can develop their own efficient routes within an organization. Autonomous Mobile Robots avoid following established routes, and are therefore flexible in creating them. Autonomous Mobile Robots can also be adapted to be changed to perform new tasks quickly, unlike other automation systems that require more time and effort to program. Check out this Order picking robot info for more.

2. Safety - Increased
Autonomous Mobile Robots have a lot of sensors and cameras. These enable the Autonomous Mobile Robot to comprehend and interpret its surroundings, which enables it to effectively travel within the facility without crashing into obstacles like product infrastructure, people, or even the product. Forklifts as well as other equipment controlled by humans, such as forklifts, have less safety features however they still depend on the input of humans. Autonomous Mobile Robots are more secure than human operators. A human operator could become disoriented or fatigued, which could lead to an accident. Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots to perform tasks that can be easily repeated, therefore, allows operations to eliminate the risk of human error and greatly improve the overall safety of a facility.

3. Quick Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be deployed within a business in just 4 to 6 weeks, based on how complex the task is. (Especially crucial here is the warehouse picking software and execution software that the units will require integration with.) Even for the most advanced technology, this can take an incredible amount of time. For comparison, a goods-to-person (G2P) system could take as long as a year to fully integrate.

4. Ability to scale
Since Autonomous Mobile Robots are relatively easy to set up in a facility, it is possible to follow an approach of modular deployment, starting with just a couple of units, and increasing the number as your company grows and your needs change. This will help you avoid making a large initial investment. Instead, instead of buying huge amounts of Autonomous Mobile Robots at once, you can begin with just a handful of units and grow your fleet over the years. The modular deployment saves capital and allows you to invest in other initiatives. Also, you will can analyze the effects Autonomous Mobile Robots have on your business and decide next steps.

5. It is easy to transfer between facilities
Some businesses may hesitate to look into automation options even though they know that moving to a new facility in the near future is feasible. This is understandable. The new system might not be needed for two years, so why implement it? Autonomous Mobile Robots can be used in these scenarios to bridge the gap. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be deployed quickly and moved between facilities. This allows automation to occur even in the short term. These Autonomous Mobile Robots are an asset for businesses looking to create a temporary holiday operation.
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