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South Sudan launches women's football league
South Sudan launches women's football league

[Image: f644e6c6-2a53-4b5c-b5a4-88affe079fc4.jpg]

South Sudan has slotxo for the first time organised a women's football league.

The opening match was between Juba Stars and Aweil team in the capital Juba. It ended
2-0 in to Juba Stars.

Ugandan female footballer Jean Sseninde who is consulting for the South Sudan women's
league said this could have a big impact in a country where child marriage is common.

"Let us avoid early child marriages and avoid the early pregnancies. We want everyone
to support women’s football in South Sudan because we want to be the best in Africa
and in the world," she said.

Ms Sseninde played for Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace in the English Premier

“My goal is to see young girls in South Sudan or in Africa to reach the highest level and
to believe in themselves that they can be professionals and that it is not the matter of
being at home – cooking food and doing the jobs that people think women do,”
Ms Sseninde said.
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[Image: uc5CtcK.jpg]
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