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Blackmagic Design Debuts Beefier 6K Camera, Switchers, Streaming Box
Blackmagic Design Debuts Beefier 6K Camera, Switchers, Streaming Box

[Image: 960x0.jpg?fit=scale]

Blackmagic Design unveiled a series of more capable, somewhat higher-end versions of its 6K-resolution hand-held camera, add-on devices, and the streaming and switching devices that have become popular for many video-production uses online and in more traditional settings.

Blackmagic CEO and founder Grant Petty introduced the new products during an 86-minute-long live stream across YouTube, Facebook and the company’s own website, conveniently the same distribution outlets favored by many of the customers the new products target.

The most notable new product is the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, an upgraded version of Blackmagic’s cheaper, older 4K and 6K hand-held predecessors, which remain available. The $2,495 6K Pro is, Petty said, “really a production camera and studio camera in one,” and incorporates some of the functionality and power of the company’s more expensive URSA Mini Pro cameras.

The 6K Pro features an articulated large touchscreen on the back, an additional XLR microphone jack with phantom power, and two built-in filters to better control light.

Blackmagic also announced an optional $495 electronic viewfinder for the camera, and an optional $145 battery grip that adds two more industry-standard Sony NP-570 batteries while allowing the on-board battery to continue to work.

All three cameras in the Pocket Cinema Camera line will get free updated software, version 7.3, probably in about a month after quality-assurance work is completed, Petty said. That update will bring a new RGB histogram to better spot clipping in any single color, along with upgraded color science built on Blackmagic’s research while making 12K-resolution cameras.

Petty also introduced two enhanced, much larger versions of its popular video switchers, the ATEM Mini Extreme ($995) and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO ($1,295). Both are available, or should be within days, Petty said.

Both Extreme models can handle twice as many HDMI video inputs, eight, as their namesake predecessors, a “proper monitoring” jack for headphones, more switches for built-in transitions between video sources, four independent Chromakeys, and two feeds for picture-in-picture, among other capabilities.

The ISO version adds the ability to record and save live streams to a separate hard drive, and automates the process of putting those individual feeds’ full recordings, plus that of the final live stream, into Blackmagic’s separate DaVinci Resolve software for editing and post-production work.

The company also debuted the Web Presenter HD, a $495, 1/3-sized rack device designed “specifically for high-end broadcast” that streams higher-resolution, SDI-formatted video signals online, Petty said. It also adds as standard equipment a small screen to monitor screens and streams. The Web Presenter HD can be managed through a utility program on PCs and Macs, or even through phones plugged into a front-facing USB connection.

Blackmagic is based in Melbourne, Australia, and makes dozens of products for video production and post-production, especially high-end broadcast and film work. In recent years, as more video creation is done for online, social-media, live-streaming and mobile distribution, Blackmagict has expanded into the lower-end professional and prosumer markets with an array of less expensive products.

Blackmagic also owns the DaVinci Resolve video-editing software suite, which also handles a kitchen’s sink full of other post-production needs, including color grading, audio editing, and visual effects.

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