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Tesla hunts design chief to build cars for China - sources
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Tesla Inc is searching for a design director in China as part of an effort to open a "full-fledged" studio in Shanghai or Beijing and design an electric vehicle tailored to the tastes of Chinese consumers, according to the data. Out of 3 people who have knowledge of this The source said the U.S. automaker's human resources managers as well as several chief hunters have explored the industry in the past four months.They are looking for candidates "Two cultures" with 20+ years of experience who are familiar with Chinese tastes and can bridge the gap between China and the United States.Some applicants were interviewed by Tesla's global design chief, Franz von Holzhausen, as mentioned, although it was not clear how many potential candidates were contacted by companies and recruiters.
The three sources spoke to Reuters about the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity and confidential nature of the matter.Tesla and von Holzhausen did not respond to an emailed request for comment.China is the world's largest auto market and the largest electric vehicle market, with sales expected to hit 1.5 million units this year, according to consultant LMC Automotive.It is also Tesla's No. 2 market after the United States.The automaker's plans for the design studio have not yet been fully developed, and sources believe Tesla should wait for more clarity on strained US-China relations under the new US president before making a decision. Finally about the move and all the details.The talent search, which sources say mostly focused on China, was in line with comments from Tesla chief Elon Musk earlier this year.I think the coolest thing would be Creating a Chinese design and engineering center to design original cars in China for global consumption. I think it's exciting, ”he said at a media event in Shanghai.
Chaos of activity
Musk's interest in developing cars in slotxo China is part of Tesla's broader push to boost the company's global sales, past the 500,000-year mark, leaving only 450 by 2020.The three sources said the search for Tesla's China studio director began around September and there was a turbulent activity as recently as December when a handful of chief hunters used LinkedIn and other methods in Approaching applicants One source with knowledge of Tesla's hunting activities in China said that once a design director is hired, Tesla will recruit a directorial team, likely to be about 20 strong and Including designers and modelers who help turn render designs into modeling clay.
All sources say the planned center aims to be a comprehensive set of designs, one described as It is a "fully functional studio" that not only helps define the concept of car design but also But also the final shape - digital three - dimensional data - of the model.The data will then be passed on to Tesla automotive engineers, mostly in Northern California.Two sources said Tesla's China studio is likely to conduct research on the tastes of Chinese consumers, as well as jobs for cars expected to be manufactured at Tesla's Shanghai assembly plant, where the designs are. It is tailored to ensure that the specific components fit the specification engineers.
They want automotive design to be more biased towards China. They do a lot here, set up a huge manufacturing plant and sell tons of EVs, but Tesla seems ready to go down, ”one source said.This drive could lead to more autonomous Tesla China, adding a person who spent more than a decade in the country working at design centers run by the global automaker as well as elsewhere.Chinese consumers bought some 145,000 Tesla vehicles last year, accounting for about a third of the company's overall global volume, LMC said.$ 25,000 electric car Two sources said one model is likely to be a model. The "only Chinese" are lower-cost generators, such as the $ 25,000 electric car Musk referred to at Battery Day in September, where he said Tesla might aim to bring it to the market for three years.Musk said Tesla was confident it could enter the market with a "fully self-driving $ 25,000 electric car".
At that price, according to two sources, including industry experts, it tends to be a compact car, smaller than the Tesla's Model 3, which is as affordable as a regular gasoline-powered car. Small cars are not big sellers in the United States, where larger and taller vehicles like Ford's F-150 pickup trucks and SUVs and midsize sedans dominate the streets.They make up about 10% of America's overall car market. Compact vehicles, on the other hand, account for 25 percent of sales in China, or about 5-6 million vehicles annually, according to consultant LMC Automotive.

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