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Turkey's social break revealed on Netflix hit 'Ethos'
[Image: 000_8Y66PN-scaled.jpg]

One was a hooded cleaning woman from a poor suburb of Istanbul, another was a jet psychiatrist who smashed glass ceilings and questioned conservative Islam.Two women join forces to create a compelling story in a popular Netflix series that pushes boundaries and earned acclaim for Turkey's indomitable portrayal of Turkey's deep social divisions.The psychological thriller “Ethos” (“Bir Baskadir”) is Turkey's latest fluid streaming export, adding local productions to greatness overseas.But director Berkun Oya's eight-part series goes where no previous Turkish TV series has been, sparking a national dialogue that was once confined to a bohemian art house that screened intellectual films.This series strikes a balance between popular works and thoughtful films," says historian Dogan Gurpinar at Istanbul Technical University.The series debuts on November 12 with Oyku Karayel playing Meryem, a cleaner who has never attended high school and turns to "hodja", or her neighborhood priest, in times of trouble.She suddenly crosses paths with Péri, a high-flying therapist played by Defne Kayalar, who is not only a layman. But still not deeply happy about the Turkish social course.
Character development in empathy and trying to mislead "The slotxo Other." The series sparked online debate about prejudice in Turkey's booming digital community, Netflix's main audience. Ethos” has received a lot of attention as opinion polls show that Turkey is rapidly dichotomized by social and political landscape.A study published by the German Marshall Fund in the United States in December showed that 75 percent of Turkish respondents did not want their children to marry supporters of a political party they felt.Sixty-one percent said they did not want to be neighbors with supporters of that party, and 86 percent said their political opponents were. "Hypocrite"Into this gap. Meryem stepKarayel, pictured with her is not wearing a headscarf. But said she understood Meryem's emotional journey.She felt squeezed in some ways. But is this your fault? No, life is to blame for this, her bond of social circle that she finds out in her own innocent ways, ”Karayel told Turkish media in November.
Young, vibrant and growing, a country of 83 million people is in Europe and Asia, including Turkish and Kurdish nationalists, international ethnicity and provincial peasants, religious and secular traditionalists.In Ethos, two women speak almost all different languages.Meryem relied on Islamic phrases such as "May Allah bless you" and call Peri "abla" (eldest sister).All of this was too much for Perry, who told her therapist that distant Latin America felt more familiar than her native land.I went to Peru last year - the other side of the world. Even with people I don't understand the language But I felt more at home, ”Peri said.Covered women are often like "Mother's monster," she said, adding: "She even nagged the maid's headscarf.Some people criticize this discrimination as being too rude.In the western world, Turkey was imagined through a filter of some cliché, ”says historian Gurpinar.Secularism and conservatives are the most obvious. Veiled women and "modern" outspoken women are just another thing. They also set the scope for the series. 
'Her way'
Zeynep K. Serefoglu Danis, chairman of the KADEM Academic Committee, whose deputy director is Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar, is the youngest daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “Ethos” is not without fail.The portrayal of the lead character as a woman wearing an uneducated headscarf led some conservative women with the degree "rightly" to ask. 'Why are we not representing?', ”Danis told AFP.But I believe that fictional manufacturing cannot promise a broader perspective of society.Bayraktar wore a headscarf and studied at Indiana University in the United States and the London School of Economics.
Danis said the writer of the show should "Beyond the ordinary" in portraying the showdown between traditional and modern women.But she pampered this series in which Meryem was able to find a way out of social imprisonment and helping Peri come to terms with a different world at the same time.We saw a free and committed woman in Meryem who was able to keep track of her thoughts and emotions," said Danis.Peri is not Meryem's solution. Meryem is the shaker of Peri's mental world. With her presence, Meryem is the one who found his way out through talks.

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