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OSRS ranged guide - all about ranged skill
Ranged at RuneScape is your ability which is accountable for RS gold your long-range shooting capabilities. By leveling your Ranged ability it is possible to use far better armours, weapons, and ammunition which can be used to fight in the distance. Additionally, you raise your Ranged precision and Ranged strength. First, among those improves the rate at which you reach your enemy and the next one increases a maximum hit that you can land. Let us enter OSRS Ranged Guide.

COMBAT STYLES. There are now three different combat styles which you can use with your Ranged ability: Accurate - Gives you an imperceptible bonus of +3 to your Ranged skill. While using this style each of the experience which you receive goes to your Ranged ability. Rapid - Shoots one tick quicker than the other 2 styles but doesn't provide some other bonuses. Each of the experience while using it is allocated to the Ranged skill.

While utilizing Longrange all of the experience that you receive is split between Ranged and Defence. If you are at a certain Defence level because you have trained it together with other combat stats that your best bet would be to use Accurate style below level 10 and Rapid after that. This will make you hit more frequently when you are beginning and provide faster exp rates whenever you're advanced. But if you're starting from a scratch and want to get better levels all about you should likely use Longrange to improve your Defence and Ranged skill so that you may wear better gear.

INCREASING THE DPS. By leveling up your Ranged ability you increase both your Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Strength. This makes you both miss less shots and increases your damage. The first stat can be raised by cheap OSRS gold leveling up, wearing better equipment, using improved weaponry, using potions etc.. The second stat relies on the ammunition that you equip and can be also boosted by Necklace of Anguish and Avas Device. Therefore, if you wish to boost your precision you need to wear far better equipment and weapons and should you would like to hit more get much better ammunition (apart from leveling up of course).

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