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TraceTogether What information is collected
[Image: rk_trace-together-060121.jpg?itok=LHDpI3...1609906660]

TraceTogether token And a cell phone app is used for tracking contacts.They exchanged a short range of Bluetooth signals with nearby token users or apps to quickly track people who found confirmed cases of Covid-19.TraceTogether What kind of information is collected?When applying for TraceTogether, a random user ID A (numeric and alphanumeric string) will be generated and linked to the user's contact number and identification details such as name and NRIC number.These details are stored on secure servers according to the website. TraceTogether The Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) uses identification information to contact the appropriate person when necessary.When app users or tokens are close to each other, their user IDs are exchanged in an encrypted and random format and can only be decrypted by MOH.
The encrypted bluetooth exchange is stored in the app or token and does not contain any personally identifiable information.Bluetooth data older than 25 days will be deleted automatically.Only when a user tested positive for Covid-19 MOH will request him to upload Bluetooth data to government servers to track close contacts.This app also collects anonymous information about users' phones and apps, such as phone models and app versions, to help governments improve their apps and provide a better user experience. This information does not contain personally identifiable information.The location data of the global positioning system is not collected.The Android version of the app requires user "location permissions" because Android requires an app that requests Bluetooth access to gain access to the user's location information. However, the app TraceTogether It does not collect or use location information on Android devices.TraceTogether It does not collect information about the user's Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
Delete request
Users can also request that their identity be slotxo removed from government servers unless Covid-19 cases are confirmed and their proximity information or information about people near them has been uploaded. Still a government server For app users TraceTogether He can send a deletion request by sending an email to [email protected] With the mobile number he registered in the app For token users TraceTogether He can return the physical token to the government by sending an email to [email protected] For the first time along with the last four characters of his NRIC, FIN or his passport number. The government will then tell him how to return the tokens.Once the request is received and it can, the government will remove the user's contact or mobile phone number, identification details and random user ID from the server.
When the erasure is complete, the data that a user's device exchanges with another user's device, as it is no longer associated with the user.The removal also means confirmed attempts to find close contacts of COVID-19 patients could be affected.When the need for contact tracking is over, the user will be prompted to disable the app's functionality. TraceTogether Or return or discard the token App functions can be disabled by turning off the Bluetooth permission or deleting the app.Sign up for our latest news here and receive the latest news delivered to your inbox.Get The Straits Times app and get notifications, breaking news and more. Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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