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Federal courts used minimal technology for sensitive documents following the SolarWin
[Image: acastro_170621_1777_0006_v4.0.jpg]

The list of companies and entities that find them affected by the slotxo SolarWinds hack continues to grow, and they are working with the lesser known: hackers getting into their systems a long way. How much Currently, the federal judiciary system is likely to be one of them (via The Wall Street Journal) and has not taken any chances.It's worrisome enough for court officials to submit physically sensitive documents, though. The outbreak continues.
The new judicial process sounds pretty intense:Under the new procedures announced today, highly sensitive court documents (HSDs) filed with federal court will be accepted for filing in paper form or through secure electronic devices such as thumb. The drive is and is stored in a secure, stand-alone computer system, these sealed HSDs will not be uploaded to CM / ECF.The message is clear: the judiciary doesn't want the most sensitive document in the system until it knows what the hacker does with it and is willing to add a little bit of controversy to the filing process. They can no longer be sent over the Internet. They will have to send physical paper or USB sticks by hand.
We are very pleased with the practical implications of taking these steps and the administrative burden it will have on court. But the burden outweighs the need to keep sealed documents confidential, which risks compromise.The document in question is not necessarily a journal of everyday court proceedings, the Wall Street Journal article suggests that an HSD may contain detailed descriptions of how investigators work, as well as information about those investigators. 
That may be under surveillance Knowing this information can help someone avoid detection or investigation, which is why security is so important.Although the measure showed the judiciary felt unable to trust the existing network. But access to public court records will not change, any records that will be made public will still be uploaded to the Case Management system and Electronic Case Files.
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