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Shoppers tell you not to buy more than usual.
[Image: _116364215_supermarkets.jpg]

Supermarkets are trying to assure shoppers that they don't have to make large purchases as new blocking restrictions are enforced.Asda asks customers to "continue shopping with generosity and not over-buying".There was an increase in online grocery shopping following the announcement of new blocking restrictions on Monday. But demand has declined since then.The store said it has good availability and more delivery channels.Tesco and Sainsbury's have doubled their delivery lanes since March.When the new blocking restrictions were announced on Monday, there were urgent online supermarket shoppers to reserve a delivery channel.
The current has calmed down. But the slotxo major supermarkets were keen on Wednesday to reassure customers that large purchases were not necessary as stores wanted to avoid the panic of repeat purchases caused by the initial blockade.Asda said, "There are currently a large number of products available in stores and warehouses, and its colleagues are working all the time to keep the shelves in stock.Sainsbury's says, "There are good products in stock and encourages customers to shop as usual. Right now, we are not limited to the products.Tesco has had restrictions on purchases since the first blockade and the latest limited items including eggs, rice, soaps and toilet rolls, after shipping delays in December due to a damaged port. Tesco said on Wednesday it had "Good in-store and online availability, lots of stock to circulate and we will encourage our customers to shop as usual.
Online surge
In the early days of the supermarket shutdown, there was a sharp increase in demand for online purchases as people avoided in-store mix-ups.Big chains are all increasing their food delivery capabilities.Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain, has more than doubled the number of online delivery channels since the crisis began and now has 1.5 million slots a week.Not all of these are used in the UK today, so Tesco doesn't have plans for additional slots at this time.the second largest, has also more than doubled the number of online delivery channels since March and is able to fulfill more than 800,000 orders per week.Asda, the third-largest network, has increased its weekly slot count by 90% since March to 850,000 slots and by early April it plans to offer 900,000 slots per week.Morrison, Britain's fourth-largest supermarket chain, said it had doubled online operations since March.
Coronavirus measures
Asda said Wednesday that its partnership with Uber Eats has doubled. From February Asda will provide 30-minute delivery from 200 stores.Asda is also increasing Covid's safety measures, including doubling the hours of security, more sanitation stations, increased cleaning and maintenance work. “Add antimicrobial coatings to customer contact points in stores, such as refrigerator and freezer handles, checkout areas and all. Cart handle and basket ".The chain also has a virtual queuing app called "Quidini" where customers can sit in their cars waiting for a slot in their stores if they are busy.

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