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Imprisoned owner - Chinese gunman The reason for taking over the killing of business
[Image: jICU1b.jpg]

A shrine in the Chinese city of GuangxislotxoThere were several jail sentences for businessmen and hired gunmen. Base taking over to kill Until being exposed by another businessman who is the main target

A Chinese court has sentenced Tan Yuhui, a businessman hired to kill a rival businessman for five years and five other gunmen, respectively, facing three years in prison.

The story took place when Tan Yu Hui hired a gunman to kill a rival businessman surnamed Wei for 2 million yuan, or about 8.6 million baht, since 2013, before the gunman hired another gunman. Accepting jobs with halved pay And the employment of Wan killed in a row with 3 other gunmen

The plan to hire Wan Kills has been revealed. Because the last gunman begged Mr. Wei A target businessman Staged his own death in a cafe. In order to receive a wage of one hundred thousand yuan or about four hundred thousand baht, which Mr. Wei will follow as evidence in reporting to Mr. Tan, the employer and all the gunmen later.

A Chinese court had previously considered the case since 2016, but it has been held for a long time because of insufficient evidence.

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