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On the eve of the summer or winter seasons, residents of the last floors often face problems with thermal seepage in buildings due to very high temperatures in the summer or low temperatures in the winter.
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Most of us all know that the solution is to isolate the roofs, but many of us do not know that there are many types of thermal insulation that must be known in order to compare them and choose the appropriate choice for the condition of the surface to be insulated.
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There are two types of insulation: thermal insulation of roofs, which we will talk about here and the other is waterproofing of roofs. You can read the article for more information about roof waterproofing and its types.
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Surface insulation has many benefits, including:
Maintaining the building's original temperatures and not being affected by external temperatures, whether cold or hot.
Reducing harmful UV rays.
Protects against cracks and cracks.
In addition, thermal insulation saves electricity consumption significantly because it reduces the use of air conditioners and fans significantly and clearly.

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