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تاسيس شركات

تأسيس شركة في دبي

[b]Accordingly, we advise investors to invest their money in a project whose legal entity is in the form of a joint-stock company, so that one of the most important characteristics of this type of company is determining the responsibility of the shareholder in it in the amount of shares he subscribed to and whatever the company's debts are, there is no partner in it to be asked about debts This is considered one of the most important factors that helped the spread of joint-stock companies in addition to the ability of shares to trade, as investors prefer to employ their money in a project in which they can assign their shares to others at any time without objection from the rest of the partners, while ensuring that their responsibility for the company's debts remains. Limited by the amount of money they employ.

انشاء شركة في الامارات
1- First, an official certificate is extracted from the commercial registry stating that the commercial name of the company is not confused with the name of another company.

2- After the founders define the company formation project, they enter into its articles of incorporation, whereby the founders or their agent purchase the contract designated for incorporation from the capital companies sector, which in turn issues special models for corporate contracts.

3- Then the company’s contract is drawn up by writing what has been agreed upon between the partners in the spaces allocated to it in the contract - typewritten - including the company’s objectives, which must be in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and regulatory decisions, in particular the provisions of Laws 143 of the year 81, 95 of the year 92, provided that Issuing the necessary licenses to practice the agreed-upon activity and to participate in it, and the contract and statute of the company must include the signature of the founders or their legal representatives, as well as the seal and signature of each of the company’s auditor and legal advisor.

انواع الرخص التجارية في دبي

4- After that, the company contract is submitted to the capital companies sector, accompanied by the following documents:

1) A certificate from one of the licensed banks stating that the underwriting has been completed in all the company's shares or shares and that the value to be paid at least from the shares or cash shares has been paid and placed at the company's disposal until it acquires its legal personality.

2) A non-ambiguity certificate issued by the Commercial Registry.

3) Copies of the founders' identity cards.

4) A case statement for the foreign founder, if any.

5) A statement of the two offices in the capital if there are people among them other than the founders.                                             


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