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PerGeos v2020
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Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021.0.1 Update Only Win64
NUMECA FINE/Turbo 14.2 Win64
CATIA Composer R2021 Win64
MSC SimXpert 2020 Win64
ANSYS Motor-CAD 13.1.8 Win64
AutographPC 9.01 Win64
Siemens HEEDS MDO 2020.1.1 Win64
Blue Marble Global Mapper v21.1.0 build 021820 Win32_64
MSC EASY5 2020 Win64
Altium Nexus 3.1.11 build 64 Win64
Bentely OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition v10.8.1.33
Bentley Structural Synchronizer v11.00.03.004 Win64
Altair HyperWorks Desktop + Solvers 2020.0 Win64
VERO WORKNC 2021.0 Multilanguage Win64
DotSoft ToolPac
Tree Star FlowJo X 10.0.7 R2 Linux
Tree Star FlowJo X 10.0.7 R2 macOS
Treestar FlowJo 10.5.3 Win32
Treestar FlowJo v10.6.2 Win64
Golden Software Grapher 16.2.354
Apache Design Solutions Redhawk v2020 R2.1 Linux64
AVEVA SimSci PRO/II Simulation 2020 Win64
DipTrace 4.0 Win32_64
Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney Architect 27.0.37889.9797
RISA 2D v18.0.0
Risa-3D v18.0.4
Risa Connection v11.02
RisaFloor v14.01
RisaSection v2.1.1
RisaFoundation v12.01
Rhinoceros 6 SR26 v6.26.20147.06511
Microsemi Libero SoC v12.4 Win64
S.T.S. WinRoad 2020 v25.1.1.2646
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio
Floriani Total Control U v1.0.0 Build 3561 Win64
Bentley ProjectWise Integration Module v10.00.03.541 for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
Bentley ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition v10.00.03.262
CADprofi 2020.05 build 200402
Bentley SACS CONNECT Edition v14.0 Update
Development Studio 2019.1 Win64 & Linux64
DriveWorks Solo 17SP1 for SW2017-2020 Win64
DVT Eclipse 2020 Win64 & Linux64
Moi3D v4.0.2020.0122 Win64
Sigasi Studio v4.7 Win32_64
Mentor Graphics Calibre DefectReview v2020.1.17.9 Win7
OkMap 14.12.3 Multilingual Win64
R&L CAD Services Plate'n'Sheet v4.13.07
Synopsys Waveform Viewer wv_vQ-2020.03 Linux64
Antenna Magus Professional 2020.3 v10.3.0 Win64
Quantm Desktop v8.3.1.2
Apache Design Solutions Redhawk 2019 R2.8 Linux64
Quantm Desktop v8.3.1.2
SST Systems Caepipe v10.20
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.006-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
MSC Adams 2020 Win64
MSC Apex 2020 Win64
PlanSwift Pro Metric
PlanSwift Professional
Cadence INNOVUS 19.10.000 Linux
Cadence PVS 16.13.000 ISR3 Linux
Cadence SPECTRE 19.10.064 Linux
Synopsys IC Compiler vP-2019.03 SP2 Linux64
Four Dimension Technologies GeoTools v21.00
Four Dimension Technologies CADPower v21.00
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Multilingual Win64
PTC Creo 2.0 M280 & Help Center Full Multilanguage Unix
PTC ProENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 M250 Linux
NI LabView 2020 v20.0.0 Professional Edition Win32_64
Altium Designer 20.1.8 Build 145
LabVIEW NXG 2020 v5.0.0 Win32_64
MSC CAE-Fatigue 2020 Win64
Deltares Wanda v4.6.1218 + iGrafx v17.5.3.3
Insul 9.0
MSC Nastran & Actran 2020 Win64
AutoForm^Plus R8 Win64
Deltares Wanda v4.6.0
Cadence EXT 18.21.000 ISR1 Linux
Synopsys Embedit vP-2019.06 SP1 Linux
ArtiosCAD Enterprise v20.0 build 1553
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Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Win64
CAMWorks 2020 SP2 Build 2020.05.01 Multilang for SW2019-2020.Win64
DVT Eclipse 2020 Win64 & Linux64
Etap.PowerStation.v18.0.0.Win7_10 64bit
Inescop Sole 3D v3.0.0.0 for Rhino 5
Piping System Fluid Flow v3.47
Power Surfacing v6.0 for SolidWorks 2019-2020 Win64
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