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What To Do When You Can’t Play AOL Video?
Well, there’s not much to do when you face such issues. It can be either because of a slow internet connection or no internet connection at all. You can try changing the bit rate of the video which should be equal or less than the speed of your internet connection. For example, if the speed of your internet connection is 56kbps, you can’t play the video at a higher bit rate than 56kbps. However, if you think the issue is not with your connection, you can try other solutions like restarting your computer, clearing cache from your browser, updating your video player and installing Windows updates.
If AOL Video won’t open at all, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements. You can also give us a call at AOL Support Helpline Number if the issue persists and won’t be solved anyway, we’ll take care of your issue and fix it as soon as possible. 

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