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Legoland to review disabled evacuation policies
[Image: _116135284_mediaitem116135283.jpg]
Legoland will review its policies after a Gloucestershire family was "humiliated" when their child was asked to walk to be allowed on a ride.

Seven-year-old Sebby Brett has an undiagnosed medical condition which has left him unable to walk without help.

Legoland Windsor will amend its evacuation policies for three rides with immediate effect, and will review seven other rides.

Sebby's mum Joanna said she was "thrilled" by the news.

The change follows discussions with disability rights lawyers, an intervention by Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie in Parliament, and a 28,000-signature petition for better disabled access to leisure attractions.

As well as the evacuation polices, changes will be implemented from March 2021 for a further seven rides, removing the requirement for disabled guests to walk 10 metres or up steps.

Mrs Brett said: "Sebby can't wait to return to Legoland and know he can just have fun, that he won't be made to walk.

"His sister Lottie is really excited he can come on the same rides as her."
A Legoland spokesperson said: "We are already in the process of reviewing our staff training and how we communicate ride restrictions and accessibility to guests before they arrive and on the day itself.

"We have invited the Brett family to be a part of this review and I look forward to their valuable input.

"We are proud of the changes we have already made but we know that we can always do more." pgslot

The theme park has also made a donation to Small Steps, a charity which helped Sebby with strength training before he started school.
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[Image: iso_home_2007-2.jpg]
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