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Afghanistan: Why is there a war?
After 20 years of war, foreign forces are pulling out of Afghanistan following a deal between the US and the Taliban militants they removed from power back in 2001.

The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions.

The Taliban have pledged not to allow Afghanistan to become a base for terrorists who could threaten the West.

But the country's hardline former rulers have quickly gained territory in recent weeks from Afghan army soldiers, who are now being left to protect a fragile government.

The Taliban also made a pledge for national peace talks, but many fear a worsening civil war remains a far more likely outcome.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden, the fourth US president to oversee what has become America's longest-ever war - one costing hundreds of billions of dollars - has set a symbolic date of 11 September 2021 for full withdrawal.

Why did the US fight a war in Afghanistan and why did it last so long? superwallet
Back in 2001, the US was responding to the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, in which nearly 3,000 people were killed. Officials identified Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, and its leader Osama Bin Laden, as responsible.

Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, under the protection of the Taliban, the Islamists who had been in power since 1996.

When they refused to hand him over, the US intervened militarily, quickly removing the Taliban and vowing to support democracy and eliminate the terrorist threat.

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