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Can a person sneeze with open eyes?
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People know how to sneeze before they even understand what a nose is. You know your eyes will close automatically. But can a person sneeze with open eyes? And below is the answer.

Causes of a sneeze
You're more likely to spray germs right out of your mouth and nose when something irritates the mucous membranes of your nose or throat. Usually the body tries to expel those substances that can cause sneezing. But sometimes the main cause is an allergy to anything you breathe, such as pollen, mold, dandruff or dust, as well as a cold or flu. And other irritating factors such as Air pollution

So how did the eye get involved in this matter?
Experts do not know why people close their eyes when sneezing. But they have a theory about it. One is to protect the delicate organs from particles and microscopic organisms that emanate from your mouth and nose. Such germs can enter your eyes and cause irritation or inflammation. Because of this, people close their eyes when sneezing, and this may also be a defense mechanism. Another theory is due to involuntary muscle contractions. The muscles in the face become tense while sneezing, some of which are the muscles around the eyes. So when it is tense, you will close your eyes. However, there is still no conclusive evidence as to why people close their eyes when sneezing.

So can we sneeze with our eyes open?
While opening your eyes while sneezing is fine, most doctors don't recommend trying it. If closing your eyes is a defense mechanism for disease or inflammation, then you don't want to go against your instinct. Sneezing with your eyes open does not mean that your eyes will come out of the socket. But it's possible that you could try it and get a symptom known as slippage of the eye. Your eyeballs may bulge and feel pain for a short time. Eyes sliding caused by forceful opening of the eyes while sneezing But it is a very rare phenomenon. So you don't need to worry about it. However, you can try to combat this sudden reaction if you want. But experts say the impulse near your eye while sneezing is very intense. You may think you can be forced, but your body may force you to blink quickly.

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