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Full Version: Automobile recycling
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Green living refers to an activity that contributes to minimizing or eliminating toxins from environment and improving personal health and energy. There are many activities which can have a positive impact on the environment, like eating organically grown food, choosing paper bags instead of plastic bags, recycling beer cans, installing an environmentally friendly floor in your home or driving a fuel efficient car. A recent emerging trend is automobile recycling to understand a greener environment.
Calumet City Auto Wreckers helps conserve energy as recycling one kilogram of steel saves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 85 hours. Recycling automotive glass (windshields and sunroofs) helps reduce pollution by 45 percent and pollution by 25 percent. Recycling metal saves up to 70 percent energy and 30 percent water consumption. Recycling one ton of oil filters not only saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space, but it also yields 1700 pounds of steel. Recycling oil filters helps prevent petroleum hydrocarbons from contaminating water, air and soil. It helps reduce pollution by about 75 percent and pollution by 80 percent. Recycling of restraint and shoes produces a mix of synthetic materials and copper.